Reigate Community Counselling Centre

About Counselling

Counselling can be described as a working relationship in which you are helped to explore in confidence and without judgement what has happened or is happening in your life which is causing difficulty and to support you in working towards a more satisfying and resourceful experience of life and in your relationships.

What issues can it help with ?

Our counsellors can help with a broad range of difficulties including

Anger Management
Debt issues
Eating Disorders
Emotional Worries
Family difficulties
Fears and Phobias
Low self-esteem
Panic attacks
Relationship issues
Self harm
Stress and work related problems

What benefits can be expected?

Talking to someone who you don't know about personal issues, may feel daunting at first but it is often the independence of the relationship which enables you to build trust and explore deeper issues. Counselling can be an empowering experience and enable you to gain better insight and understanding of yourself and others and improve your relationships and coping strategies..


It has given me a chance to reflect on things that have happened and helped me to strengthen relationships and given confidence to do things differently

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